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Chinese Inflation Hits 6.4%, Government Tells People Not to Buy Silver.

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China Daily reported that the Chinese CPI has reached 6.4%, the highest in three years.

If you had put money in the bank in June 2010 for one year, your interest rate would have been 2.25%. Since CPI is now at 6.4%, Chinese savers have actually lost wealth. Put in another way, real interest rates in China are about -4.15%.

Not surprisingly, yesterday CCTV had a special report on why silver is a bad investment.

Here is my favorite quote, courtesy of Google Translate: “Chun-Li Wang told reporters, silver in the first half of the test roller coaster price fluctuations, the company has gone through half of the ocean, half of the flame of the abyss. Chun-Li Wang analysis, investment in silver and gold investment are very different, because the value of silver is relatively low, ordinary working-class can afford, so people buy and invest more than an ordinary consumer, and this ability to judge people without investment , the public mental trend is very strong, difficult to resist collapse of the sense of risk. Because silver bullion this one, it touches the surface, this is the most popular working-class, the most common investors, some retired, he’s took a pension, he can, he can buy one, that working in Beijing, he can buy one, so we feel very much a danger that.

The original Chinese text is from iFeng Finance, and the television report can be seen on Diyi Shijian (starts at about 26:00 and ends when they start talking about sofas).


SA Post: Jim Rogers has Lost His Contrarian Edge.

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“Jim Rogers is a legendary investor best known for establishing the Quantum Fund with George Soros. Since that time, he has authored multiple books on investing and life lessons. I respect his views very much, and enjoy his commentary. He often says “I have found in life it is better to be a contrarian, than not be.”

When it comes to China, though, he seems to have given up contrarianism for blind optimism. I would say the average person is optimistic towards China’s future economic development. Jim Rogers, instead of being a contrarian, has taken the role of captain of the cheer squad.” Read More…

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SA Post: March ’10 to March ’11 Money Supply Growth and Forex Moves.

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“The U.S. Dollar has been taking a beating recently in forex markets (and by “recently” I mean since 2001). More attention than ever has been focused on the growth of the U.S. money supply, both M2 and the monetary base.

However, this focus has not extended to other currencies, as much. The M2 growth of five currencies, the Euro, the Dollar, the Yen, the Renminbi, and the Swiss Franc, is listed below.” Read More…

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Gordon Brown for IMF Chief.

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The current IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is sitting in jail now for attempted rape, and the New York Justice Department will not accept bail paid in SDRs.

Now the search is on for who will be the next IMF chief. Gordon Brown, the prime minister whose government was criticized by the IMF, has been actively campaigning for the post in 2012.

He’s the obvious choice to be a devalued managing director of a devalued monetary fund.

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CPI Does Not Agree with the IEPI.

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The Consumer Price Index for April, 2011 was released. The Bureau of Labor Statistic’s measure for “All Item” inflation was 3.2% annually.

One thing that stood out about this release was that it did not agree with another report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Import and Export Price Index (EIPI) was released on May 10, 2011.

The price of apparel increased .1%, according to the CPI. This is one of the lower increases for the categories that are tracked. According the the EIPI, however, the price of imported apparel increased 5.6% over the same time. Exported apparel also increased 8.2% over the same time.

How is it that the price of imported and exported apparel is going up, but the price of apparel in the United States is not going up? Once again, the only place prices are not going up is the CPI.

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(English) SLV Trade Volume Indicates Manipulation.

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(English) When Ben Bernanke Speaks, Silver Goes Up.

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(English) The RMB and Foreign Exchange Reserve Trends.

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(English) Bureau of Labor Statistics vs. Energy Information Agency.

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