Eleven Currencies That Need to Be Devalued in Forex Markets.

In Money Supply on 五月 17, 2011 by CQCA

After I finished the calculations of the money supply data, I wanted to compare groups of currencies. The most useful one, I believe, is the difference in money supply growth between the U.S. Dollar and currencies that are pegged to it.

The U.S. Dollar has been inflated less than most other currencies in the world, although that is not saying much. Most freely floating currencies reflect the local countries’ monetary policies, but pegged currencies try to avoid supply and demand. Considering eleven of the currencies shown above increased their money supply by almost double, or more, the rate of the U.S. Dollar over the last five years, reality should indicate their forex value should have to drop.

This has already happened to the Venezuelan Bolivar. In January, 2011, it was devalued by almost half. This should indicate the direction the other currencies are headed.

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