If Only We Had Kept the 95% Copper Penny.

In Investment Returns on April 1, 2011 by CQCA

For those of us that long for the days of commodity money, we really missed our chance when the U.S. Penny was devalued in 1982 from 95% Copper to 2.5% Copper. The blue line shows the value of $1.00 left in a certificate of deposit since 1963. The red line shows how much that amount would be worth if you withdrew it from the bank in pennies and then sold them for their melt value, instead of trading them for their face value. (This is illegal.)

In 1963, you would have actually been losing money. $1.00 in pennies was only worth 19¢ in copper. Today, you would have more than doubled your investment. $1.00 in (pre-1982) pennies is now worth 241¢ in copper.

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